Side-of-Pole Mount, S-SOP-S, for TWO Small to Medium-sized Modules


Side-of-Pole Mount for TWO Medium-size Modules

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Side-of-Pole Mount, S-SOP-S, for TWO Small to Medium-sized Modules

This Side-of-Pole Model “S” holds TWO (2) modules with dimensions up to 59.5″ x 26.5″. Rail and brace length is 58 inches.  Max array surface area is 22 SF.  Standard post size is 3″ SCH40/80 pipe.  PIPE IS NOT INCLUDED.  We can special order these mounts for a 4″ SCH40/80 pipe instead.  Call us for details.

  • The channel cross pieces are self aligning to the pipe, as shown in the photo of the small notch in the channel. This minimizes installation time. It also provides a much stronger foundation than a “floating” attachment.
  • A single size cross piece will accommodate many of the panels that we sell. And only 2 different rail lengths are necessary to accept all your panels (re:  Side of Pole Model X, Side of Pole Model S, and Side of Pole Mount K).
  • Once installed the cross pieces do not need to be moved again;  panel inclination is controlled through a range of 20 to 90 degrees just by changing the attachment to the brace.
  • The braces can either be run forward of the panel or back behind the braces as shown in the photos.  This allows the customer greater flexibility in choosing the site for the mount.

Made in the USA by General Specialties


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