Customer Comments

Over the years Backwoods Solar has helped tens of thousands of customers become energy independent. We get so many emails and calls with great customer feedback that we thought we would share some of them with you.  Here are a few of their comments and reviews.


I have purchased items from you on previous occasions, and your tech support has never failed to help me. Truly a great company!

~Joe from Pennsylvania

“We’ve run an all season off-grid cabin in Wisconsin for the last 10 years. I have been an interested viewer of Backwoods Solar and their catalog during that time. They have been unfailingly helpful with my various queries as I tried to come to terms with lead-acid batteries, freezing cabins, odd charging cycles.

Three years ago I began the process of looking for a whole new system, based on Lithium Ion battery technology. Backwoods were again helpful, and had experience with the Discover battery series. I eventually placed an order with them for two Discover batteries, charge controllers, panels, inverter, the works.

Then the service really kicked in. I was installing with an electrician who had never seen solar before but said “It’s all kinda plug and play, isn’t it?” Well, it is, but which plug, and when you get to play are not always obvious. Backwoods Solar’s support was outstanding. Smart people who use the technology day in and day out, always available in person to dig into detail, figure out answers, and make sure my system went together and worked.

When it’s 20 below and you really, really want that circulating pump for the radiators to have power before the whole cabin freezes up, they’re the people to depend on. And even when you’re in less dire straits, they have good people with direct experience always willing to help.

Things went well, I ordered a third battery and some more panels. Same excellent service, same phenomenal support. It’s been a pleasure.”

~ Ian

“Part of a companies success, apart from a good product, is excellent knowledgeable employees and excellent customer service. You have all four. Shawn, Alan and Brian represent Backwoods Solar in an exemplary fashion. Specially they helped me select the system, walked me through installation, step by step, patiently guided me through operation issues, successfully I will add, repeatedly. They have represented your company well. Thank you for your commitment to excellence. It is a pleasure doing business with you.”

~ Eddie

“My family and I made a decision 5 years ago that we were going off the grid. We had always lived on property and weren’t afraid of a challenge and hard work. In short living off the grid is both extremely rewarding and can be extremely frustrating! Backwoods Solar and their crew of dedicated professionals are highly skilled and incredibly knowledgeable. The instruction and guidance we received from them allowed us to successfully complete a totally off grid system that fully powers our homestead . Having access to all of the latest modern products in addition to the fact that all the staff live the life, make Backwoods Solar an invaluable resource for anyone looking to become independent of the power grid.

I can’t say it enough, these folks really know their business. I felt like I had a partner in Backwoods and they were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. They genuinely cared about us, which is rare in today’s fast paced world!”

~ Nick

“I bought my panels, inverter, batteries, and cables from Backwoods Solar and received phone support and written guidance and diagrams to put everything together. Any questions I have or problems I have all I have to do is email or call Brian. I bought 6 more panels a year later and received the same excellent service. Now I am considering adding wind or water power and Brian is helping me with that as well. I have recommend the company to anyone who ask about setting up solar power.”

~ Troy

“I have purchased an off grid solar system from Backwoods.  18 months later I expanded the system when I built my home (four years ahead of schedule).  The support I have received is outstanding – amazing.  I do not know how they could be more helpful.  An incredible lifeline.  I only knew enough about electrical (little solar) to be dangerous.  Backwoods helped me past my stupid moments and helped guide me thru ALL that I needed.  If you are an electrician with solar experience with thorough background knowledge – perhaps it does not matter.  Otherwise – you will need their help and they WILL HELP.

Another important point.  When getting inspectors involved, when I explained I got the whole system from a single source to insure it is all integrated – they loved that and several times commented that that stops them from needing to inspect/calc and otherwise review the system.

I whole-heartedly endorse and recommend Backwoods Solar.  Support:  Thanks.”

A totally appreciative customer,

~ Randy B

“I recently moved to Northern Idaho and stopped by Backwoods Solar for a visit. I’m looking to buy property and wanted to know what property.  I needed to look for to install hydroelectric. They gave me a free consultation on the spot without even having made an appointment. I now know exactly what property attributes to look for and how much I need to budget in order to make my hydroelectric installation happen.  Thanks Backwoods Solar! I look forward to doing business with you in the near future.”

~ Rick

“…not to mention the competent advice you provide before someone even buys anything. E-mail strings that in my case can stretch yards long, as I ask one dumb question after another. Much appreciated.”

~ Jerry

“Your follow up letter is one of the most impressive marketing examples I have seen in years.  Real people offering real service….”

~ Don

“I was extremely fortunate to find Backwoods Solar (BWS) on the internet. They intrigued me because they specialized in off-grid systems, each employee had a working solar electric system in their own home, and they offered complete tech support for the DIY person wanting to build his own system like me.  This is truly what I needed to meet the personal challenge of building my own solar power system.  My choice of BWS did not disappoint! The customer service and tech support was more than I had imagined and they were there to guide me through every step of constructing my system.”

~ Randy

“Thank you very much for approving my dealer application. I have been buying supplies from time to time from Backwoods Solar for many years, and regularly refer people to you. You all provide some of the best customer service and have very friendly and helpful sales people, which I really appreciate. I look forward to working with you further.”

~ Andy

“My water supply systems are meeting all my livestock needs, even through the drought we had earlier during summer. My design allows for part or all of our water needs, both human and animal, to be met with solar power only if need arises. Thanks for the assistance and tech support.”

~ Carvel

“I am an instructor with Howard College and your BWS mag has been around the college for the past 5 years. I find it useful for showing students whats available in solar and putting a system together. Your off grid info is a plus for my students that are looking to be off grid either for living or a lake retreat. Thank You for making your BWS Mag available as a teaching aid.”

~ David

“The refrigerator was delivered yesterday in perfect shape.  Thank you for your amazing customer service.  You are running a premium business, clearly.  I truly appreciate your kindness and support!”

~ Clay

“I am just now coming across your site (from Google, searching for “12 volt vs 24 volt”). I’m surprised I haven’t stumbled upon your site much earlier in my searches.  I’ve been designing an off-grid house/system (new construction) for the last month or so and am deep in doing all this research. Not only for solar, but for energy efficient products like insulation, framing materials (steel, ICF, etc.), roofing and on and on. I just want to say how impressed I was with your site. You have a ton of useful articles and information, especially for a newbie like me.  As my plans start to materialize, I will certainly be contacting you folks.”

~ Stephen

“After reaching temperatures nearing -20 F last night, I was compelled to check the status of our battery bank at my first opportunity; the conclusion of our work-day. While you designed our system to be integrated with a backup generator, we haven’t yet enabled that function. Consequently, we’re completely dependent upon the solar panels. I was relieved to find our bank registering a full charge-as is almost always the case.

We have been nothing short of elated with our interactions with Backwoods Solar. From initial contact, through program, design, construction, and post-construction-we have found everyone at Backwoods to be kindly, positive, helpful, competent, intelligent, accommodating, patient, and dependable. As a project manager of large capital projects at Cornell University, you might imagine that much of my time is spent interacting with design consultants. Backwoods Solar truly raises the bar with respect to competence and professionalism.

While I generally ask to speak to Brian, as he is ‘my’ engineer, it matters not who I talk to-everyone seems to be equally well-versed, good-spirited, and overly-accommodating. I’ve come to appreciate that if I need support in any manner, Backwoods is a phone call away-and that their advice will be spot-on, delivered with the utmost professionalism and sometimes after hours.

I’ve had opportunity to recommend Backwoods to a few folks, and will continue to do so-of course. And, as we expand-there is no question where we will turn. Please add me to the long list of happy clients, and feel free to use me as a reference if you’re ever so inclined.”

~ Patrick

“I received a check from Backwoods in the mail for a refund due to an overcharge I knew nothing about.  Thank you all for being honest and being committed to your customers.”

~ Ty

“These deliveries were much quicker than I had ever imagined. Thank You for the quick and accurate action and support from yourself and your crew.”

~ Phil & Diana

“Would you please send me your 2015 catalogue?  I’m looking to purchase land and build in NW Montana, and want to put an off grid solar system on my house.  Your website is beautifully constructed and about the most navigable and informative as a site can be!  I think I read every article you had on there today, and feel like I acquired a wealth of information.  Thank you so much for this valuable information.”

~ Jeff

“Thanks for the welcome, I’m only just now registering with my e-mail, though I’ve been a customer since 1997. In my seventeenth year with solar equipment purchased at Backwoods throughout that time with no troubles and great service. I’m currently upgrading my system again and have just ordered four more panels.  And Alan is working with me on the modules and he saved me from a potential incompatibility problem by asking me questions. That’s not the first time either. I always appreciate the service and time that the tech’s and rep’s are willing to spend to help me get things right. Looking forward to getting my new modules up.”

~ John

“We decided to purchase our system through Backwoods Solar. What we love about Backwoods Solar is that the company is staffed by people who actually use the systems they sell, and when you purchase a system through them, you get phone consultations and technical support as part of the price. We know that there are DIY ways to have gone about this process less expensively, but the fact of the matter is that we did not feel comfortable piecing it together all alone. After coming up with our approximate electrical needs (check out this great resource page), Backwoods Solar helped us come up with a system that included:

Three 290 Watt Solar Panels
Eight Trojan 6V batteries
A high quality inverter that will allow us to expand as needed
The system that we purchased will allow us to power a chest freezer, a computer, a few lights, and will allow for a few extra luxuries, such as occasionally using a sewing machine, food processor, or blender. Our generator can be used as a back-up.”

~Teri  (Read more on Teri’s blog here:  Homestead-Honey – Off Grid Living )

“We love our SunFrost here in Kentucky!”

~ Loren

“Today we installed 12 – 260 watt monocrystaline PV panels on one of our three top pole mounts. The manufacturer of these solar panels racks are to be commended for their perfectly manufactured custom work. Our hats off to General Specialties. Their precision has made our rookie install very easy.”

~ Paul

“Your website has a lot of very good information with excellent explanations and very easy navigation.  I especially like the “Learning Center” and “System Examples” sections.  It is the best home solar system website that I have seen and I have looked at a lot of them!  Thank you for the great website and catalog, I appreciate it!”

~ Doug

“THANK YOU!  Those fuses solved the problem, your package arrived in the mail just before my visit to the client, and the sun peaked out between the clouds just long enough for us to verify that the system was outputting full power again!  I appreciate the special care you and the crew at Backwoods provide.”

~ Daryl

“Success! Moving those 4400 lbs. of batteries was a piece of cake.  It couldn’t have gone any better. Thanks again for everything. I’m really pleased with your great service.”

~ Monty

“Six months ago I had my first contact with Backwoods Solar when I requested their Catalog.  My first impression when I received it was “Wow!”  Reading this catalog not only gave me information about their products and services, but I got a great education on the elements of green energy, how it works and the various sub-systems that when added together could make it happen on my 100% off-grid property in the mountains of Alabama.

Two months later I ordered a full two inverter Outback 500 system, batteries, Sharp PV panels, roof rack and a Kokler 14KW Generator.  With the solar products came the Backwoods Solar Team, specifically Brian and Tom; they assisted me, step by step, through the designing, ordering, delivery, and throughout my “do it yourself” installation.  My new Solar System is 110% operational and was installed and programmed by my son and me—with a lot of telephone help and encouragement from the Team. I could NOT have done it without them!  Backwoods Solar staff is exceptional, helpful and very knowledgeable. I’d recommend them highly to Everyone!”

~ Lee

“Bob and I would like express our gratitude to you and everyone at Backwoods Solar who helped us in our purchase of solar equipment. Dealing with you was such a pleasure. You made it all stress free, that was amazing! Thank you!”

~ Bob & Cheryl

“Without your help, and especially the other wonderful people at Backwoods Solar, this could not have been done, much less in the amount of time it was accomplished. All were extremely helpful and very down to earth people. All information and no bull.”

~ Tim

“I’ve called Backwoods Solar many times and the employees have always answered my many questions and have done so with good nature, giving me much free information and advice.  To them I say “A heartfelt thanks”…”

~ Sal

“THANK YOU, Tom, for your very prompt response to my problem.  The new TriMetric head came on Monday and works as expected. Again, many thanks. You’re a great outfit to do business with. Not only was the initial order promptly filled, but the problem was handled even faster.”

~ Jay

“Last fall I purchased from you all the needed components to pump my well water with solar. Brian advised me to build the rack with Unistrut. The rack is extremely sturdy and was actually fun to build after I got the footings poured.  Yesterday my well pump specialist came and wired everything properly. The sky was over cast and the well static water head is at 550 feet. Even he was impressed when the water promptly poured out of the faucet and its usual rate.  Thank you so much for all your support – excellent quality products and exceptional technical support. I sing your praises at every opportunity.”

~ Portia

“No question, just a thanks.  This winter I installed our off grid system purchased from you folks.  Many thanks to each of you for the great support, from helping design the system to trouble shooting.  When you did not know the answer, only once, you sent me to a good source.  Best of all you were always positive and took whatever time was necessary to get me on my way.  My good friend George Schaeffer has been a devoted customer of yours for twenty years, and he recommended you to me.  Now I am recommending you folks to others, who may also become customers.  You have become individuals not just faceless names of some company out there looking only to maximize the “bottom line”.  Again, many thanks and well wishes to each of you who have helped me and to the prosperity of you company.”

~ David

In response to our technical advice on a P-LCB-7:

“Wow!  Thanks – I never considered that but now that you mention it, it makes sense.  The circuit is probably just normally open or normally closed so when the float makes the connection the circuit switches state and the pump shuts off.  Brilliant!

I’ll be ordering one of those soon then!  Thanks!

By the way, your service ROCKS!”

~ Erik

“Hey all, system is up and running, Thanks for all your help in making a dream come true.  It was nice to find people who are so willing to help. We are having a blast the equipment works great. Thanks for all the help and you will be hearing from me again.”

~ John and Colly

“I completed installing my new solar panels, combiner, controller, breaker box and six new Trojan T-105s last week. I want to thank everyone there for helping me. Without your help I never could have done it. I think I talked to just about everyone there (some of you more than once) over the last few months and all of you were very cordial and extremely helpful. I hope I wasn’t too much of a pest. I shall refer to Backwoods every person I talk to about solar power.”

~ Clarence

If you’re ready to start planning an alternative energy power system for your home, we suggest you start with our FREE “Planning Guide and Catalog”.  It’s a 160-page bound book with more detailed information, worksheets, charts and pictures!  Click here to request a catalog or download it.  Did we mention that it’s FREE!?


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