Primus Air 30 Wind Turbine


Primus Air 30 Wind Turbine
Current lead time for delivery – 6-8 weeks

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Primus Air 30 Wind Turbine
Current lead time for delivery – 6-8 weeks

The Primus Air 30 and Air X Marine wind turbines are intended for industrial applications of higher wind speeds where turbine noise is not an issue. A narrower blade design allows for peak production in higher wind speeds of 25-30 mph.  More wind and power does mean more noise as well.

The AIR Wind Turbine product line, acquired by Primus Wind Power in 2013, is recognized across the industry as the standard for small, residential scale, off-grid wind power. Primus advocates a practical appoach to the application of wind power and how the AIR line is ideally suited to compliment solar PV systems during the least sunny, winter months of the year.

For Backwoods customers this can mean a significant reduction in generator run-time IF you live in an area of moderate or greater winter season winds. The smaller turbines, on a reasonably sized tower offer a cost effective approach to complimenting the shorter collection window that a solar array sees during the winter time.

Power is rectified to DC in the turbine. The DC voltage setpoint is field adjustable on the side of the turbine. Normal operating mode uses built-in electromagnetic regulation feedback to internally break the turbine when voltage set-point is achieved. A simple control switch down the line sets the turbine to operate in normal charging mode, or in a slow-breaking mode when extreme winds and storms are expected. Switch can be changed at a moments notice from one mode to the other.

Rotor diameter: 46″
Energy: Approx. 30kWh/mo at 12 mph
Startup windspeed: 8 mph
Factory specified voltage: 12, 24 or 48 volts
Permanent magnet brushless alternator

Turbine weight: 13 lbs.
5 year limited warranty.





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Weight 17 lbs


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12 Volt, 24 Volt, 48 Volt

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