Low Voltage Microhydro – LV1500-1 Nozzle


“Limited Availability. Call Backwoods before ordering!”

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Low Voltage Micro Hydro –  LV1500-1

“Limited Availability. Call Backwoods before ordering!”

HI-Power Hydroelectric offers 4 versions of their low-voltage brushless PM (permanent magnet) hydroelectric generator. These user-friendly units require no adjustments and are more efficient over a wider range of head and flow than systems built with automotive alternators. Efficiency varies from 30% to 70% depending on head and flow.

The sealed, brushless permanent-magnet alternator is mounted on an anodized-aluminum housing with a 4-inch stainless-steel Hartvigsen Turgo Runner. Brushless alternators will last decades, only requiring a bearing change every 4 to 10 years.

All of these hydroelectric generators can be ordered with up to 4 nozzles. If you have a site with water flow that varies seasonally, ordering a unit with multiple nozzles allows easy adjustment as flows change.  In low head situations (below 70 feet) multiple nozzles may be required to get enough flow.

 The LV800 and LV1500 are used for sites with heads over 70 feet. They are available in four voltages for direct battery charging 12, 24, 48 and 120 volts DC.  In situations where the generator is far from the battery, order a 120 VDC unit and use a Midnite Classic charge controller to step the voltage down to any battery voltage from 12 to 48. This allows use of much smaller gauge wire between the generator and the battery.


• Head range: 70 to 600 feet

• Flow range: 5 to 100 gpm

• Maximum power: 800 watts


• Head range: 70 to 600 feet

• Flow range: 5 to 100 gpm

• Maximum power: 1500 watts

The LV400 and LV750 are designed for sites with heads from 10 to 70 feet and are available in 12, 24 and 48 VDC.    Feed pipe must be larger than 2” in low head situations.  Call us to special order these two models.


• Head range: 10 to 70 feet

• Flow range: 5 to 140 gpm

• Maximum power: 400 watts


• Head range: 10 to 70 feet

• Flow range: 5 to 140 gpm

• Maximum power: 750 watts

Hi-Power generators come with an induction meter.  LV800 and LV1500 come with ¾-inch brass nozzle holders and 3 feet of 1-inch flexible hose per nozzle. If higher flow is required, the generator will come with 1½-inch plastic nozzle holders.

Pictured with ¾-inch brass nozzle holders. 1½-inch plastic nozzle holders also available. Also available with Harris Pelton Runner by request.

Base dimensions: 12” x 12”. Skirt fits in 10.25”. When ordering, specify battery voltage, transmission line length and size, flow, pressure, pipe size and length. We will make sure you get the proper, custom designed unit that matches your site parameters.  Made in the USA

Brian at Backwoods uses a Hydro Induction turbine at his full time off grid residence, Call Brian to discuss his experience.

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LV1500-1 Nozzle

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