Backwoods Solar - Dealer Application

Thank you for your interest in the Backwoods Solar Dealer Program! Applying to become a “Dealer” for Backwoods Solar is simple. If you repeatedly install and/or resell renewable energy products, you may qualify for our dealer program and prices.

Please fill out and submit the dealer application below so that we can learn a little more about your company. Once we’ve reviewed your application, we will let you know if you’ve been approved and which wholesale pricing level you’ve been assigned. All sales must be prepaid unless an approved credit application is already on file with us. Applicable sales taxes will be charged on all taxable orders until a valid resale certificate is on file. Charges for sales taxes will not be refunded on any orders placed prior to receipt of your certificate.

As a dealer, you will make the sale to your customer and you will handle your customer’s service and questions. We will help you with questions related to system design and troubleshooting but we will not assist your customers directly. Dealer status expires at the end of any year during which you make no purchases, and should be requested again on the next order.


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