Midnite Whiz Bang Jr


Midnite Whiz Bang Jr

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The Midnite Whiz Bang Jr works with Midnite Classic and Kid charge controllers to provide amperage readings for battery monitoring and a greater degree of charger control.

The Whiz Bang Jr. is mounted to the side of an existing system shunt (or add one to your system by ordering the M-SHUNT-500 separately).  Once installed and set-up the Status screen of your Classic or Kid controller will display the available information; including Instantaneous Current, Remaining Amp Hours, Board Temperature, State of Charge Percentage, and more.

The Whiz Bang Jr. also adds the ability to end a controller’s Absorb charging stage based on Ending Amps, for a finer degree of control in battery charging.

Packaged size: 5″ x 4″ x 2″, weighs 1 lb.
Made in USA
5 Year Warranty.

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Weight 1 lbs


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