Scott Hydro Cross Flow Turbine

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Scott Hydroelectric Cross Flow Turbine
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for lower head/higher volumes of water.

Backwoods Solar is excited to introduce a new offering to our hydroelectric product line. The Scott Cross-Flow turbine is capable of 1500+ watts of output with only 35’ or more of head. A minimum of 15 feet of head is recommended with a 6” penstock although a 4” penstock could be used for higher head, lower flow applications.  This high output turbine would be great for a lodge or off-grid home or shop requiring larger amounts of power. The Scott Turbine is industrial grade with cast aluminum and stainless steel runner and shaft.

The Scott turbine sends 3-phase AC to a rectifier located near the battery bank. After the recitifier, a MidNite Classic 250 charge control (sold separately) charges the battery bank. No diversion load is necessary unless the head is over 40 feet. A MidNite Clipper or a stop switch is not recommended with this unit.

This is a high flow turbine so the creek must have a minimum of 300 gallons per minute.

A basic shelter is recommended to cover and protect the unit from the worst of the outdoor weather.

Weighs 95 lbs.

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Weight 120 lbs


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