Victron Energy AGM Super Cycle Battery 12V/60Ah


Victron Energy AGM Super Cycle Battery 12V/60Ah – 300 cycles at 100% Depth of Discharge!


Victron Energy AGM Super Cycle Battery 12V/60Ah

The AGM Super Cycle battery is a sealed Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) lead acid battery that is maintenance-free. The Super Cycle battery has exceptional 100% depth of discharge (DoD) performance that can be a game changer for many off-grid installs. Tests have shown that the Super Cycle battery withstands at least three hundred 100% DoD cycles. This is not possible with flooded lead acid batteries since discharging to 100% DoD, even just a few times, would likely damage the battery beyond recovery. The paste of the Super Cycle positive plates is less sensitive to softening, even in case of repeated 100% discharge of the battery, and new additives to the electrolyte reduce sulfation in case of deep discharge.

We recommend the Super Cycle battery for applications where an occasional discharge to 100% DoD, or frequent discharge to 60-80% DoD is expected. Expected cycles at various depth of discharge rates are shown below.

≥ 300 cycles @ 100% DoD (discharge to 10,8V followed by approximately two hours rest in discharged condition, and then a recharge)
≥ 700 cycles @ 60% DoD (discharge during three hours, immediately followed by recharge)
≥ 1000 cycles @ 40% DoD (discharge during two hours, immediately followed by recharge)

Victron Energy is one of the top manufacturers of renewable energy systems, and enjoys an unrivalled reputation for technical innovation, reliability and quality. They have served the off-grid, industrial and vehicle markets as well as both the commercial and leisure marine sectors for over 45 years.

  • Exceptional 100% depth of discharge (DoD) performance
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Smaller and lighter than many standard AGM batteries
  • Battery chemistry is very hardy in cold climates
  • Low internal resistance

Recommended charge voltages available in the Spec Sheet here.

Two year limited warranty

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Shipping Weight – 32 lbs
Shipping dimensions – 9″ x 6″ x 7″

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Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 7 in


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