Trojan SPRE06255 GC Battery


Trojan T105 Battery

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Trojan SPRE06255 GC Battery

These are a popular and economical battery for smaller home power systems. This mass produced consumer battery has the best price per amp-hour of any quality battery.

Each battery is 6 volts (229Ah) , made of three 2-volt cells in one unit. Six-volt batteries are series connected in pairs for 12 volts, or in strings of four batteries for 24 volts, or 8 to make 48 volts. Then several of these series strings (No more than 3 parallel is ideal) may be parallel connected to add more ampere-hour capacity. Each series string is rated 229 ampere hours, so two strings are 458 Ampere-Hours, 3 are 687 A.H. If more than three strings are needed to achieve the capacity you want, consider a larger battery like the L-16RE-B  Interconnect diagrams are supplied. Life expectancy is 6 to 8 years.

With each purchase of flooded lead acid batteries, Backwoods includes a free Battery Booklet, and heavy duty plastic hydrometer at a reduced price of $10 (normally $28).

2 year warranty plus additional 5 year pro-rated.

Measurements: 10-3/8″ L x 7-1/8″ W x 11-3/4″ H

Weight: 67 lbs.

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Weight 67 lbs
Dimensions 10.30 × 7.13 × 11.74 in

SPRE 06 255

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