Tamarack Top Pole Mount TTPA-6 for Six 60/72 cell modules


Top of Pole Mount for Six 60/72 cell modules landscape, 6″ pole


Tamarack Pole Top, for Six 60/72 cell modules

Tamarack Solar Products TTPA series top of pole mount for six 60 or 72 cell modules.  The new TTPA line of post mounts offers a thorough mounting solution at a competitive price.  Two spliced pieces are used to make each 132″ rail reducing shipping costs relative to other mounts in this class.

Installs on top of a 6″ diameter schedule 40 or schedule 80 steel post (purchased locally) to hold six 60 or 72 cell modules with maximum width of 43″, in two columns with panels in landscape orientation. Module Rails attach to 2-inch schedule 40 steel pipe. Purchase this pipe locally to save shipping cost or order appropriate length separately. Use two 10-foot pipes for module up to 78-inches long. Use two 12 foot pipes for modules up to 98-inches long.

In most cases the mounting hole spacing in the module frames will be appropriate to fit the mount, but should be double checked for certainty.  Center to center mounting hole spacing should be within 20.95″ to 58.68″ for a proper fit in landscape orientation.

Mounts are rated as is for 160 mph winds and 150 psf snow load.

Tilt angle: 10 to 60 degrees
Shipping weight: four boxes total approx. 230 lbs
3 year warranty on finish/10 year warranty on workmanship
Ships via UPS

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Weight 240 lbs

Tamarack Solar Products TTPA-6

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