Midnite SW 120/240 AC Bypass Kit


Midnite SW AC Bypass Kit, for single Schneider SW inverter


Midnite SW 120/240 AC Bypass Kit

Midnite 120/240 VAC Bypass Breaker Assembly for Schneider SW E-Panel (C-MNE175SW and C-MNE250SW, sold separately).  Includes three double pole, DIN rail mounted breakers and slide plate.

A standard inverter AC breaker set; this kit provides a 30A input, 30A output, 50A bypass, and slide plate. The breakers mount in the the Midnite E-Panel, which also provides the AC input and output bus bars for the necessary AC wiring connections.  SW inverters use the 30 amp input and output breakers.  Midnite provided the 50 amp bypass to accommodate larger generators if needed.  Slide plate ensures the bypass breaker is in “off” position when not being used.

Kit weighs 1 lb.
5 year  warranty

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Weight 1 lbs


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