Midnite Solar Hawke’s Bay 120 MPPT Charge Controller


Midnite Solar Hawke’s Bay 120 MPPT Charge Controller

Midnite Solar Hawke’s Bay Breaker Box 125


Midnite High Voltage 600VDC Double-Pole Breaker-DIN



Midnite Solar Hawke’s Bay 120 MPPT Charge Controller

The NEW MidNite Solar Hawke’s Bay charge controller takes high voltage to another level. The Hawke’s Bay is a full featured 600VDC to 48VDC 6600W MPPT charge controller with a control panel. The Hawke’s Bay comes in two models, The MNHAWKE’S Bay 90 and the MNHAWKE’S Bay 120. Both models have an optional breaker box available for quick code compliant installation. Other options include separate plug-in modules for UL1699B listed arc fault, NEC2020 compliant ground fault and Sunspec compliant Rapid Shutdown transmitter. Installation is a breeze, typically a combiner box is not needed. The Hawke’s Bay is ideal for larger DC coupled battery based grid-tied or off-grid installation. Made in the USA


  • Charges Lithium, Flooded Lead Acid, AGM and virtually any other chemistry.
  • 600 operating voltage
  • Max current out: 120 amps
  • 185 to 585 volts dc operating range
  • 2 Aux outputs
  • Temperature sensor included
  • Remote Voltage sense
  • Blue Tooth connectivity standard
  • ETL listed to UL1741
  • Type 1 environmental rating
  • Terminals are rated for 75 C
  • New larger display with rotary knob for easier navigation of menus
  • 48 Volt battery only
  • Optional plug in Arc Fault, 2020 compliant ground fault and Rapid Shut down modules

5 Year Warranty
Listed by ETL for USA

Size: 14.9″L x 6″W x 4″D
Boxed: 23″L x 15.05″W x 11.05″D
Weight: 20 Lbs

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Weight 20 lbs


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