Midnite Classic 250 Charge Controller


Midnite Classic 250 charge controller

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Midnite Solar Surge Protector Device – SPD115V, SPD300V, SPD300AC, SPD600V



The MidNite Classic charge controller maximizes the flexibility and features available in a charge controller. These controllers feature ground fault protection so that a separate GFP breaker assembly is not necessary, freeing up breaker space in your DC box. There are three models available that accommodate solar arrays up to 150, 200, or 250VDC of operating voltage.
MPPT modes with user adjustable power curves for solar, wind or hydro are built in, along with a learning mode for self-optimization. No hub is required for stacking multiple units. They have two auxiliary outputs, a dry contact relay and a 12V output.

Optional snap-on covers and hole plugs for sealing openings in dusty or salt-air environments are availabe from Midnite, using them in this manner reduces output by about 20%.

Consider using higher voltage breakers, 300 volt rating,  on the solar array side of this charge controller.  As the Classic 250 can accommodate arrays wired as high as 250 volts, a standard 150 volt rated breaker may not be appropriate.

Temperature sensor included. 5 Year Extendable Warranty

Brian and Shawn at Backwoods both use MidNite controllers on their full time off grid residences.

With three Classic models to choose from, use Midnite’s Power Charts to pick the best one for your application.  By knowing your battery bank voltage, and the array voltage, you can determine the maximum array wattage that each model can support.  Feel free to ask Backwoods or Midnite for assistance.

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Size: 14.9″L x 6″W x 4″D
Boxed: 19″L x 8.5″W x 6″D
Weight: 12 Lbs

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Weight 12 lbs

Classic 250

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