Backwoods Solar EMP/CME Hardening Kit


Backwoods Solar EMP/CME Hardening Kit for renewable energy systems, automotive and marine applications.


Backwoods Solar EMP/CME Hardening Kit

Backwoods Solar is proud to announce our new electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and coronal mass ejection (CME) protection kit. We recognize sensitive renewable energy systems are susceptible to damage caused by EMP and CME, and their risks are rising in today’s world. Read our EMP/CME explainer here. We have what you need to protect your equipment from these potentially catastrophic events.

Backwoods Solar launched our EMP/CME bundle to address the need for protecting your system from these extreme electromagnetic energy events. Our bundle includes a collection of components required to harden your system against damage, including high saturation ferrites, network surge protection and metallic sealing gaskets. This kit can be installed on any existing system and is more robust than others currently on the market at the same price point. This kit will also help protect your automotive and marine based electrical systems or any system that includes sensitive electronics.

When used in combination with the appropriate Midnite SPD surge suppressors, this kit provides all the necessary parts to EMP harden your system to Department of Homeland Security standards. Ensure your solar electric system will work when you need it most!

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