240V 30A AC NEMA 3R 2 Pole Disconnect


240V 30A AC NEMA 3R 2 Pole Disconnect

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240V 30A AC NEMA 3R 2 Pole Disconnect

Many utilities require an AC disconnnect between a grid-tie inverter and the AC Load Center, close to the AC service entrance, with a visible and lockable handle. The 30A, 240V disconnect is good for up to 5kW. Use of Class R fuses of the proper voltage & amperage for fused disconnects is required. Our O-FUSE15, 30, and 60A fuses are available on the site.

Heavy Duty Safety Switches may be used as a means for disconnecting a load from its supply, or for opening and closing a circuit. When equipped with fuses, overload and short circuit protection are also provided. In solar industry we use this type of disconnects to isolate the PV power source from the inverter or the inverter from the critical load respective the utility power panel.

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