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#3 – Conserving Family Home

Produces about 6.4-12.8 usable kilowatt-hours on a sunny day.

Year round home for 1 to 3 people. Provides 120V AC power for lighting, vacuum, washer, kitchen appliances & microwaves, DC or 120V AC well pump, color TV, DVD, satellite receiver, stereo, computer and hand-held power tools. There can be enough power for a small DC refrigerator in sunny climates. In northern winters, the generator supplements battery charging while using high load appliances, such as a washing machine. We would recommend that this system should be set up with a 24V or 48V battery bank and an automatic generator start for battery charging should be considered.

Solar Panels
1280-2560 Watts: Using larger 60 or 72 cell modules in excess of 320W each

Roof, Ground, or Pole Mount

Power Center
Magnum Mini-Panel system (240V) with 4000W, 24V or 48V sinewave inverter, 60-80 Amp MPPT charge controller, RC50 Digital Display Remote (or ARC50, if you want auto-gen start), string combiner, MidNite lightning protection and all cabling

Trimetric Battery Meter (or an integrated BMK with the inverter)

Twelve or more L-16s or 2-3 Eclipse Lithium 48V-100ah batteries and cables

Recommended Generator
Honda EU7000 or larger


Approximate cost of a system this size is $9,000 – $18,000 (not including generator).


Backwoods Solar is Here to Help

Your home solar electric system is an important decision and something you will appreciate for years to come. Contact Backwoods Solar if you have any questions or need assistance in determining what parts to get and how they all work together.


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