Backwoods Solar has a system for every need. Whether you need a small system to meet your power needs or something much larger, Backwoods Solar can help. Get started on your own home solar power system today!

#1 – Tiny Home / Mobile Home Off-Grid Solar Power System

Produces about 0.3-1.5 usable kilowatt-hours on a sunny day.

Minimum solar power for a small cabin, motor home, boat, or weekend retreat. A very conserving person can start with 60 – 125 watts of solar to power a few 12V lights and stereo. Closer to 250 watts of solar allows a lot more lighting, a 12V TV, 12V water pressure system and a small modified wave inverter for some power tools and non-sensitive electronics. Northern winters will require backup charging with a generator. One or two pairs of 6V deep cycle golf cart batteries make a 12V set.

Solar Panels
60-300 Watts – Using smaller 60W to 100W, 12V module(s)

Roof, Ground, or Pole Mount

Charge Controller
12-35 Amp PWM Controller

None or a mid-range inverter like the Samlex 1200W 12V EVO-F SineWave Inverter

QO DC Breaker box or MidNite Inverter disconnect, solar and inverter fuses and connecting wires, as needed

Trimetric Battery Meter, optional but recommended

Up to 6 Trojan T-105s or 1-2 Eclipse Lithium 12V-100ah batteries and cables

Recommended Generator
Honda EU3000 


Approximate cost of a system this size is $1,200 – $4,800 (not including generator).


Backwoods Solar is Here to Help

Your home solar electric system is an important decision and something you will appreciate for years to come. Contact Backwoods Solar if you have any questions or need assistance in determining what parts to get and how they all work together.


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