Advantages of Purchasing Your Off-Grid System from Backwoods Solar

First: we’d like to invite you to join the Backwoods Solar family. Second: we’d like you to know that if you become a Backwoods customer, you will have joined an exclusive club that dates back over 40 years. Third: you will enter an environment of renewable energy expertise unlike anything offered by our competitors. And finally, Backwoods Solar will share this expertise with you, FREE of charge.

Off-Grid install with Eclipse batteriesOn a daily basis, Backwoods Solar sells off-grid and grid-tied power systems. When you purchase one of our custom designed systems, you have chosen to produce your own electricity, and you have just become the manager of your own personal power station. Our systems are straight forward; easy to install; and relatively easy to master with the proper effort. But these systems do require attention. You cannot simply install your system and assume all is well. Without proper programming and diligent maintenance, problems will develop.

Fortunately, Backwoods specializes in programming and maintenance details. As you know, many Backwoods Solar employees own and operate off-grid or grid-tied systems that utilize the products you’ve purchased. From personal experience, we know how these systems work; how to program them; and how to maintain them. One of our goals is to insure you too gain this understanding through the information we provide with your system as well as our free, after-sale support by telephone, in-office visit and/or email.

When you contact us, we will spend as much time as you need to have your questions answered; troubleshoot your system; and, in general, hold your hand, so that you successfully manage your personal power station. Without our guidance, you can succeed but experience tells us that our participation is not only critical, helpful, and reassuring, but also much appreciated. Always know, Backwoods is here for you.

In addition to selling renewable energy systems, Backwoods Solar also designs these systems for FREE for anyone that asks. Inevitably someone points out that they have submitted our list of products to another online retailer and received lower prices. Backwoods Solar knows lower prices exist and we try to compete on price whenever possible. However, we simply cannot always compete with every lowball price. Off-grid Install incl Schneider and Midnite Solar ComponentsTherefore, it is critical that you understand that managing your own personal power station involves more than just paying the lowest price for your components. It involves after-sale support and that support involves Backwoods Solar! Every day we get calls from folks that bought their system from the lowball retailer and now that retailer cannot or will not help them. And unfortunately, Backwoods simply doesn’t have time to assist those folks that did not buy from us.

However, when you buy from Backwoods Solar, we will never leave you without the help and answers you need. Please know, our commitment to your success cannot be measured in dollars. Your initial purchase price is only a start. You need to buy your personal power station from a company that supports the sale and from employees that have personal experience with your products. You need Backwoods Solar!

With that said, let us encourage and then congratulate you on your decision to purchase a renewable energy system from Backwoods Solar! You’ve joined a select group of self-reliant people that have accepted the rewarding responsibility of overseeing their energy needs. You have become the owner of your own personal power station and we will insure you successfully manage it. Well done.

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