Commercial Traffic Control Project

Completed by Western Systems in Everett, Washington

Thanks for everyones help – This project was a success!!  I got this system going last week. I just wanted to show where your equipment ended up!   

The detection system picks out only commercial vehicles. The flasher system alerts oncoming motorists large vehicles are approaching them as a warning. We build these cabinets at Western Systems in Everett Washington. The battery side usually holds 4 109Ahr batteries. We added a couple more batteries  for this application. The door has plug in for Generator input for using an external generator if needed. It uses the IOTA 12VDC 55AMP battery charger. We used 4 of your 250 Watt solar panels, and the FM80 solar charge controller. Because the distance to the flasher was so far we needed to convert the 12VDC to 120VAC. We used two of your Morningstar sure sine 300 inverters.


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