Victron Energy Interface MK3-USB (VE.Bus to USB)


Victron Energy Interface MK3-USB (VE.Bus to USB)

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Victron Energy Interface MK3-USB (VE.Bus to USB)

The MK3-USB allows the following products to connect to a computer for configuration and firmware updates:

Multi, MultiGrid, MultiPlus, MultiPlus-II, Quattro, Inverter/Charger settings in ECOmulti, EasySolar, EasyPlus, and Inverters with a VE.Bus communication port. The MK3-USB  goes between the VE.Bus port on the inverter/charger, and a USB connection on your computer. You will also need a straight RJ45 UTP cable. Also known as Ethernet patch or LAN cables. Use an industrially manufactured cable. Hand-crimped cables often give problems. Even in case a hand crimped cable works for a computer network, it might not be of sufficient quality to work to connect Victron products. Connecting with an Android device will require an additional OTG cable to convert the USB cable from the MK3-USB to the data port on your device (typically micro-USB or USB-C).

An MK3-USB is required to change settings and perform firmware updates and settings. And, as that requires a USB port, it is not possible to change inverter/charger configuration or perform firmware updates on a Apple iPad or iPhone.

Victron Energy is one of the top manufacturers of renewable energy systems, and enjoys an unrivalled reputation for technical innovation, reliability and quality. They have served the off-grid, industrial and vehicle markets as well as both the commercial and leisure marine sectors for over 45 years.

  • Five year limited warranty.

Unit Weight- 2 oz  /  Shipping Weight 3 oz
Dimensions- 4.33″ x 3.15″ x 1.2″

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