Tamarack Solar 84 Inch 4-Rail Flush Mount Rail Kit – Black


Tamarack Solar 84 Inch 4-Rail Flush Mount Rail Kit – Black

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Tamarack Solar 84 Inch 4-Rail Flush Mount Rail Kit – Black

Tamarack Solar Products offers a new low-cost rail based PV module mounting system that provides easy installation, simple wire management, great strength and economical shipping. These rail kits contain all parts required to mount 4 or 8 typical 60-cell or 72-cell modules. The standardized rail architecture uses an upper/lower or left/right rail set to hold panels in a row of any length. Sliding mid/end clamps hold the panel frames to the rails. Rail mounts with L-feet connect with a variety of feet to serve as the mounting points which secure the entire assembly to the roof. Optional roof attachments for alternative roofing materials are available separately. This Youtube video is a good introduction to the new rail system. This product has a black finish.

The channeled design of the aluminum rails allows the position of the feet to be easily adjusted so that penetrations into the roof itself can be aligned to hit structural timbers for the strongest attachment possible.

Mount up to four modules with the following included parts –

  • 4) 1.6″ Mill Finish Rails 84″ length
  • 4) Bonding Rail Splice
  • 8) Rail Mounts w/ L-foot
  • 10) 50/50 Clamps
  • 4) Channel End Clamps
  • 4) End Caps
  • 12) Wire Clips
  • 4) Ground Clamps
  • 4) MLPE Adapter (for mounting microinverters or optimizers to rails)

A variety of mounting points are available to choose from, depending on the type of roofing material, including standard standing seam clamp, flashed without L-foot, metal roof base, and more.

  • Black finish
  • Kit Contains all parts required to mount four typical 60-cell or 72-cell modules (clamps fit modules with frame thickness of 30mm to 40mm)
  • Use with any roof attachment that can accomodate a 5/16 inch bolt.
  • Cables can be run inside rails for a tidy installation
  • One wrench size for all fasteners (1/2 socket)
  • UL Listed and PE Certified (stamp available for most states)
  • Kits ship via UPS
  • 25 Year Warranty

Ships in 2 boxes: 89″ x 4″ x 4″  weight: 14 lbs.
12″ x 6″ x 5″  weight:  6 lbs.

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Weight 30 lbs


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