Xantrex System Control Panel for XW PRO/XW+


OEM replacement for discontinued Schneider Conext SCP – Same functionality; new black face.


Schneider Electric Conext XW PRO Inverter/Charger


Schneider XW Power Distribution Panel


Schneider 80 Amp 600 Volt MPPT Charge Controller



OEM replacement for use with the Schneider Electric Conext XW PRO/XW+ and SW product line:

The Xantrex System Control Panel is an OEM replacement control interface for the XW Pro and legacy Schneider XW+/SW product lines, enabling communication on the proprietary XANBUS to all SW/XW  inverters, charge controllers, and Automatic Generator Start modules installed on the system.

Features a graphical, backlit LCD screen that displays system configuration and diagnostic information for all devices connected to the network. The Xantrex SCP eliminates the need for separate control panels for each device and gives a single point of control to set up and monitor an entire XW PRO, XW+ or SW system from Schneider Electric. Quickstart Guide and network terminator included.

Note: The included Quickstart Guide indicates that a network cable is included. A network cable is currently not included in the factory packaging. A network cable can be ordered here.

6.5″ x 4.5″ x 2″, 2 lbs

One year warranty included.

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Weight 2 lbs


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