Schneider XW+ Mini Power Distribution Panel


Schneider XW+ Mini Power Distribution Panel


Schneider Electric’s smaller AC/DC breaker box for the XW Plus system.    The Mini Power Distribution Panel offers a lower cost alternative to the full size PDP.  While the full size PDP can be expanded upon to support multiple inverters and charge controllers, the Mini PDP is designed to support a single XWPlus inverter and charge controller.

Includes double pole 120/240 volt/60 amp AC input/output/bypass breaker assembly, inverter disconnect breaker, internal wiring components, one ground and one AC neutral bus bar, and DC positive and DC negative bus bars.  Shunt for battery monitor is NOT included.  Breaker space available for secondary AC input, and two panel mount charge controller breakers. Field-reversible front door.  Integrated wall mounting bracket.

Dimensions: 18.5″ H x 16″ W  x 8.9″
Weighs: 28 pounds
Schneider Electric One Year Limited Warranty, extendible to two years with product registration

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Weight 29 lbs


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