Schneider Conext Battery Monitor


Schneider Conext Battery Monitor


Battery bank monitor for use with the Schneider Electric Conext Product lines (both XWPlus and SW).

The Conext Battery Monitor tracks state of charge of the system’s battery bank; much like a gas gauge on a car.  Other information from the display includes: battery bank voltage, amperage flow, amp-hours removed, time remaining (at current load levels), battery temperature, and mid-point voltage.   The Monitor communicates with other Conext devices over the proprietary Xanbus network.  Configuration and monitoring can also be handled by other Xanbus devices such as the SCP or ComBox.

Note: some ethernet cabling may be purchased locally for a complete Conext system installation.

3.3″ x 3.3″ 3.5″, 0.4 lbs

Two year limited warranty, non-extendible. Warranty is subject to state and local laws or regulations that may alter warranty provisions.

UL/CSA Listed.

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Weight 5 lbs


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