Q-Cell 310W Poly Module – 72 Cell *


Q-Cell 310W Poly Module – 72c

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**Backwoods is out of stock of this panel for the time being.  Check out the ET Solar, S-ETSOLAR300, 300 watt panel for a similar size panel.**


Q-Cell 310 Watt Polycrystalline 72 cell panels; a true 24 volt module.

This is a big panel!  The last couple of years have seen the arrival of a new size class in panels.  These physically large 300+ watt panels have the voltage spec of a traditional 24 volt panel, with Vmp of 36+ volts.  This means they can be used to charge 24 volt and 48 volt battery banks(48 volts requires at least two panels) with a traditional PWM charge controller.  Or, choose a newer MPPT charge controller.  All array configuration options are on the table!  Overall the Q-Cell 310 is a good, versatile, cost-effective choice for large array applications.

Q-Cell polycrystalline panels received Photon Magazine’s award for Best Polycrystalline Solar Module in 2013 in a ranking of 151 panels from around the world. A de-rating spec of only 0.6% per year places them in the top tier of long term durability and performance.

Q-Cell panels carry UL and CE certification making them viable for installations just about anywhere.

Power: 310 watts
Vmp: 36.91 V
Voc: 45.84 V
Imp: 8.47 A
Isc: 9.01 A

Dimensions: 77″ x 38.9″ x 1.77″, 60 lbs
PV4 Connector for Pos. and Neg. on 46.7″ leads
Anodised aluminum frame
25 year performance warranty

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Weight 150 lbs

Q.PRO L 310

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