Midnite Kid MPPT Charge Controller


Midnite Kid MPPT Charge Controller – Black

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The Midnite Kid is a versatile, mid-size, MPPT charge controller suitable for use with a wide selection of solar panels.  The Kid is capable of charging 12, 24 and 48 volt battery banks, delivering up to 30 amps, allowing array sizes of 420, 840, and 1680 watts, respectively.  With an input Voc rating of 150 volts along with Midnite’s standard HyperVoc design, the Kid can handle input voltage of 162V for a 12V nominal battery bank up tp 198V for a nominal 48V battery bank.

Two Kids can be stacked for parallel operation. Adjustable charging setpoints for bulk, absorb, float, and equalization charging.  No cooling fan (not necessary) and sealed for harsh environments.

Order temperature sensor separately.

9.25″L x 5″H x 3.4″W, 6 lbs.

5 Year Warranty

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Weight 6 lbs


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