Midnite 3 Circuit Combiner Box – MNPV3


Midnite 3 Circuit Combiner Box – Model MNPV3


MidNite MNPV3 Solar Combiner Box

Gray aluminum type 3R rainproof enclosure with deadfront will accept three 150VDC  breakers or two 600 VDC fuse holders.  DIN rail mounted.

Combiner boxes are used to tie mulitple panels, or strings of panels, in parallel.  Each positive connection uses one circuit breaker (or fuse/fuseholder) and each negative connection ties into a negative bus bar.  Multiple positive and multiple negative inputs coming in, are reduced to one positive and one one negative wire going out.

Photo shows MNPV3 with fuses. Breakers/fuse holders sold separately.

Includes a 60 amp positive bus bar, 6 position PV negative bus bar and a 6 position ground bus bar.

Accepts wire from 14 to 1/0 AWG at the busbars

10.5″L x 4.5″W x 3.5″D,  2 lbs.

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Weight 2 lbs


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