IOTA Battery Charger – 12V 55A


IOTA Battery Charger – 12V 55A – DLS5512


IOTA Battery Charger – 12V 55A

Model DLS5512 is a 740 watt power supply. It can deliver a 55 amp maximum charge at 12 volts.

The DLS series converter efficiently charges batteries with its full rated output. It then maintains the batteries by only putting into the battery bank what is required to maintain the selected voltage set point.  IOTA Engineering uses advanced switch mode technology which minimizes wasted power by significantly reducing high dissipation states. The switch-mode design allows for reliable, efficient performance in a compact chassis with lower operating temperature.

Iota IQ Smart Controllers are available for flooded or sealed lead acid battery banks and lithium batteries. IQ Smart controllers provide the proper stages of charging for your particular battery chemistry. Call Backwoods to find out more about IQ Smart controllers.

When an IQ Smart Controller is not connected these chargers do not have a float feature so they work great when using a generator to charge batteries but do need to be monitored to avoid over charging. Will also work with grid power but will need to be disconnected when the battery is recharged to avoid damaging the battery bank.

Historically, low and transient AC line voltage was a major cause of battery charger failure. The DLS series has basic protection against low transient line voltage, spikes (up to 132VAC) coming from your AC power source and thermal protection. There is also fused short circuit and current overload protection. It  meets FCC criteria for minimizing radio and television equipment interference.

Iota chargers can tolerate input voltages up to 132 VAC; however, damage may occur with higher input voltages.  Always avoid input surges from generators. This can be accomplished by starting generator first and allowing it to warm up before connecting power. Conversely, disconnect power to Iota charger before turning generator off. Never let the generator run out of fuel, as the loss of fuel can cause a generator to momentarily produce very high voltages.

  • DC Output Voltage (No Load) approx.   13.6V (DC)
  • Output Voltage, (Full Load) approx.     >13.4V (DC)
  • Output Amperage, Max continuous        55 Amps
  • Max. Power Output, continuous             750W

Dimensions: 6.70″ W x 9.67″ L x 3.40″ H

Weight: 5lbs

Limited Two Year Warranty

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Weight 5 lbs


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