Grundfos 1/2 hp 15gpm SQ Pump Kit – up to 160′ lift


Grundfos SQ submersible pump


Grundfos 1/2 hp 15gpm Pump Kit

GRUNDFOS SQ series – 120 volt AC Submersible Pump

Delivers 7.5 gpm at maximum lift of 160′, up to 15 gpm at lift of 110′ or less. Maximum power used is 1200 watts.

The Grundfos SQ pumps have SOFT-START electronic control built into the motor. Start up is slow and gentle over 2 seconds, requiring NO SURGE POWER.  This pump runs off of much smaller generators(1700 watt or larger) or inverters(1200 watt or larger) of any wave form, and can have longer wire runs to the pump. SOFT-START also eliminates start-up twist and strain on plastic pipe installations.

Dry-run protection and over/under voltage protection are built in. Two wire operation, no control box required. The pump body is smaller, 2.68 inch diameter, so it fits down a 3″ or larger well pipe. These can operate in any position from horizontal to vertical and can pump from a storage tank

Total lift of any pump is height between water surface down the well to the elevation where water is delivered to a non-pressurized tank. Reduce maximum lift by 92 feet if used to pressurize a bladder tank to 40 PSI.

15S models have 1.25 inch discharge port.  Ask for a complete performance chart to aid in your selection.
Does not tolerate sandy water, voids warranty.

A 24 month from start-up, 30 month from date of manufacture warranty is standard. An optional warranty extension may be purchased prior to installation which extends warranty to 5 years. The extended warranty requires purchase of a Midnite Lightning Arrestor/Surge Protector applicable to the installation. Pump and Protector must appear on the same sales invoice.

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