Diversion Heat Load – 50A – 12V (Nominal) – 750W


Diversion Heat Load – 12 volt (Nominal) , 750 watts


Diversion Heat Load – 50A – 12V (Nominal) – 750W

The 12 volt (Nominal) model can divert 50 amps at 15V for a total load of 750 watts.

The diversion load center consists of five resistors mounted directly onto two sheets of CNC cut, .063 aluminum sheets (A left and right sheet). These two sheets form the electrical connection for the resistors. Both sheets are mounted to a solid piece of ceramic board. Two terminals with aluminum nuts are provided for a solid connection to your wiring. The entire unit is enclosed in a Hoffman 8 x 12 x 4 enclosure with a vented cover.

These resistors have been selected specifically to perform as diversion (dummy) loads in solar/wind/hydro alternate energy systems. Unlike water heating elements, this unit does not need to be submerged in water or oil. It will operate in free air.

Resistors have been selected based on their ability to dissipate a very specific amount of power (watts) with a very specific resistance value (ohms), at a very specific voltage. When used as recommended, they will not burn out, even under continuous use.

Please note. These resistors will become hot during normal use, please mount them away from heat sensitive objects and out of the reach of children.

When diversion control is needed for hydro, wind, or a combination with solar, use these heater loads with a charge controller capable of diversion control. Controls that can operate as diversion type are Schneider C-Series and Morningstar Tristar.

Diversion never disconnects the charge source from the battery. The control connects to the battery and “absorbs” or “burns off” exactly enough power to offset any excess charging. The load dissipates the surplus power into heated air or water. Diversion heat loads should be selected for at least as many amps as all charging sources combined, but must be several amps LESS than maximum amp rating of the control to be used. A load that accepts more amps than the control can handle may cause the control to shut down, creating a safety hazard.

Call Backwoods Solar to discuss which diversion load is appropriate for your installation.

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