Discover 48V-100Ah Rackmount Lithium Battery (Heated)


UL Listed for Code Compliant Installations
Closed loop communications and heated for cold weather applications.

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Discover 48V-100Ah Rackmount Lithium Battery (Heated)

UL Listed for Code Compliant Installations
Closed loop communications and heated for cold weather applications.

With so many batteries on the market these days, it’s not easy to choose the best fit for our customers’ energy storage needs. After comparing features and reliability of many different offerings we recommend Discover Energy’s new AES Rackmount Energy Storage System for our customers that require UL9540 compliance. This new system provides reliable performance, quick installation and easy configuration. The AES Rackmount offers an elegant solution that is very competitively priced and has a great warranty.

Rackmount Battery modules can be paralleled in stacks of up to six modules using the AES Rackmount Slimline Enclosure and included Battery Combiner for 30kW of storage capacity. The AES Rackmount Slimline Enclosure comes pre-assembled with a bus bar and battery cables with Amphenol connectors. Just add batteries! Six Slimline Enclosures can be paralleled with closed-loop communication for 180kWh of storage capacity, dramatically elevating battery charging performance when used with industry-leading hybrid inverters such as Midnite Solar’s The One or Sol-Ark’s 15K. If more than 180kWh capacity is needed, multiple Slimline Enclosures can be paralleled in open-loop configuration. The on board Battery Management System (BMS) monitors cell and battery voltage, battery current, temperature, and state of charge. The BMS also performs balancing of the individual cells, micro-managing the charging of each cell individually.

At the heart of the AES Rackmount System is the Lynk II, a network communications hub that enables the Rackmount Battery’s Battery Management System (BMS) to optimize and dynamically manage the charge configurations of inverter chargers. The high-current fourth-generation BMS reliably delivers high current and peak power to hybrid inverters. The Lynk II allows for real-time closed-loop communication between multiple Rackmount batteries and other components in your solar electric system. Remotely monitor SOC, and data log multiple sites using the data monitoring services offered by most newer inverter systems.

The AES Rackmount Battery is UL1973 and UL9540A (9540 when installed with the Slimline Enclosure), IED 62619, CEC and CE certified and listed.

The Slimline Enclosure is UL1973 and UL9540 certified and can be used for nearly any permitted residential or commercial installation.

Charge Temperature: 39.2°F to 125.6°F
Discharge Temperature: -1.4°F to 125.6°F

Nominal Voltage: 51.2 volts
Charge Voltage: 54.4 volts
Maximum Current: 95A (1 hr)
Nominal Capacity: 100 Ah
Bulk Current: 0.5C or 65 amps recommended

Dimensions: 19.6″L x 17.3″W x 5.3″H
Weights 97 lbs

UN 38.3, UN 3480, Class 9 (Lithium Ion Batteries)
UL 1973, and IEC 62133

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Weight 150 lbs


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