Bogart Solar Charge Controller – SC2030


Bogart Solar Charge Controller – SC2030

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The SC-2030 Solar Charger, working with the TM-2030 battery monitor has unusual benefits that can extend the life of your battery system. High performance depends on being connected to a TM-2030 TriMetric Battery System Monitor. With this combination you get both high performance monitoring and charging of your battery system.


  • Amp hour counting: During a discharge period it measures precisely the amount of previous discharge, and then when recharging adds back the same amount plus an additional measured percentage of charge (flooded lead acid batteries ~ 110-115%; AGM/Gel batteries ~ 104-109%).
  • Higher voltage “mini equalization” finishing stage, to maintain battery capacity. During the last part of the charge it can increase charging voltage (at a regulated low current value) to avoid undercharge during a limited solar day.
  • 8 adjustable charging parameters, to match any battery type. To make installing these values easy, select one of 18 “battery profiles” which will automatically install all these values for your particular batteries.
  • Controlled by the TM-2030 Battery Monitor located in your living area, which is connected with a common phone cable to the SC-2030 (usually located near the batteries).
  • High efficiency charging at lower cost than MPPT chargers- for use only with 12V or 24V solar panels and battery systems
  • Up to 30 amps maximum solar current. Charger will safely reduce output if panel current exceeds 31 amps
  • Optional Temperature compensation if (TS-2) temperature sensor is used
  • Easy programming for charging batteries – in most cases entering all data is accomplished by selecting the appropriate charging profile for type of batteries and then entering battery capacity
  • If TM-2030 is disconnected – charger still functions, but at the level of simpler charge controllers

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