Aquatec, SWP-6000, Submersible Pump


Aquatec, SWP-6000, Submersible Pump


Aquatec, SWP-6000, Submersible Pump

The Aquatec SWP-6000 is a submersible pump ideal for many off-grid applications. The DC motor can be driven by 12 or 24 volts from a battery bank or solar direct (considered 15 and 30 volt applications). As a lower volume pump it is well suited for filling livestock troughs or holding tanks.

The “6000” model is the sister pump to the Aquatec SWP-4000 model. The 6000 offers higher volume (up to 5 gpm) at lower maximum lift (120′).  The 4000 offers lower volume (up to 1.7 gpm) at higher maximum lift (230′).

It’s rugged design includes a stainless steel casing, a double O-ring seal against leaks into the motor, a factory installed electrical wiring harness (with 36″, 12 gauge leads), and a stainless steel water intake. The pump is field servicable a with a typical service cycle of two to seven years depending on use.

Solar direct applications should use a nominal panel size of ~150 watts at 24 volts for standard applications, but larger 60 cell panels can be used for peak performance and a wider window of operation.  Always use a P-AQ-APC30-250 LCB pump controller in solar direct applications, ordered separately.

  • Maximum total lift of 120′.
  • Aquatec recommends a maximum submersion depth of 100′, meaning the pump should not be positioned any deeper than 100′ below the static water level.
  • 12 volt configurations: 1.10 gallon per minute flow rate at 120′ of lift (4.4 amp draw), 2.10 gpm at 0′ of lift (0.80 amp draw)
  • 30 volt configurations: 3.30 gallon per minute flow rate at 120′ of lift (5.0 amp draw), 5.00 gpm at 0′ of lift (2.0 amp draw)

See the performance tables in the Product Manual for a full spread of lift and power requirements.

5.75″ diameter

Dual-Size Stainless Steel Outlet Nipple Fits 0.5″ Hose Barb Tubing (0.50 Inch ID) or 0.5″ Poly Pipe (0.62 Inch ID).
Inlet: 50 Mesh Stainless Steel  Screen

Consider ordering P-SFWire and P-Hose by the foot to work in conjunction with the Aquatec SWP-6000.

Made in the U.S.A.

Warranty of 12 months from date of purchase or 18 months from date of manufacture.

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Weight 15 lbs


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