APS Rapid Shutdown Transmitter-PLC (single core)


APS Rapid Shutdown Transmitter-PLC (single core)


APS Rapid Shutdown Transmitter-PLC (single core)

The APsmart Rapid Shutdown System Transmitter-PLC is part of a rapid shutdown solution when paired with APsmart RSD-S-PLC, a PV module rapid shutdown unit. While powered on, the Transmitter-PLC sends a signal to the RSD-S-PLC units to keep their PV modules connected and supplying energy.

RSD-S-PLC units automatically enter rapid shutdown mode when the Transmitter-PLC is switched off and resume energy production when power is restored to the Transmitter-PLC. This solution complies with NEC 690.12 specifications for 2017 & 2020 and supports the SunSpec signaling for rapid shutdown.

  • Meets NEC 2017 & 2020 (690.12) requirements
  • Switching off Transmitter-PLC results in rapid shutdown of the output of PV modules
  • Meets SunSpec requirements
  • Optional 85-264VAC power supply necessary for non SunSpec installations
  • 10 Year limited warranty based on Inverter Manufacturer Warranty

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APS Transmitter-PLC – S

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