40 amp Class R Fuse


40 amp Class R Fuse

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40 amp DC rated Class R Fuse

Eaton Bussmann® series advanced protection, energy efficient FRN-R Class RK5 dual element, current-limiting, time-delay fuses with optional open fuse indication on select ratings. Time-delay – 10 seconds (minimum) at 500% of rated current (8 seconds for 1⁄10-30A sizes).

Specs: 250Vac/125Vdc , 1/10 – 60 Amps, Interrupt rating 200kA Vac RMS Sym./ 20kA Vdc


  • Provides motor overload, ground fault and short-circuit protection
  • Helps protect motors against burnout from overloads
  • Helps protect motors against burnout from single-phasing on three-phase systems
  • Simplifies and improves blackout prevention (selective coordination)
  • Dual-element fuses can be applied in circuits subject to temporary motor overloads and surge currents to provide both high performance short-circuit and overload protection
  • The overload element provides protection against low level overcurrent of overloads and will hold an overload which is five times greater than the ampere rating of the fuse for a minimum of ten seconds

UL and CE Listed/CSA Certified

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