Inverter Cable SINGLE – 4/0 – 10 Feet Long


Inverter Cable SINGLE – 4/0 – 10′

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Inverter performance and safety depend on using cables sized for very high battery currents, in lengths no longer than ten feet.

The cable is made of finely stranded copper for flexibility and has bullnose lug ends industrially pressed on to fit terminal bolts on inverters.

Use a fusepowercenter, or breaker box with these cables.

This is for a SINGLE cable.  Cut it in half for inverters with cable receptacles, not studs.

BC10-4/0 SINGLE; 4/0 Gauge Copper.
Ten foot length.
Lugs on both ends.

For 12V Inverters over 1500 watts; or
24V Inverters over 3000 watt; or
48V Inverters over 4000 watts.

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