#2 Inverter Cable Set 5′-1Red/1Blk UL


#2 Inverter Cable Set 5′-1Red/1Blk UL

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#2 Inverter Cable Set 5′-1Red/1Blk UL

Inverter performance and safety depend on using cables sized for very high battery currents, in lengths no longer than ten feet.

These large Cobra X-Flex cables are made of finely stranded copper for flexibility and have 3/8″ bullnose lug ends industrially pressed on to fit terminal bolts on inverters.

Use a fusepowercenter, or breaker box with these cables.

This is for a PAIR of cables, one each for the positive and negative connections.

BC5-2; 2 AWG copper.
Five foot lengths.
3/8″ lugs on all ends.

For all inverters 600 watts to 1000 watts

UL Listed

3 pounds

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Weight 3 lbs


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