CHOFU – Stainless Pipe for Chofu


2 ft Stainless Pipe for Chofu
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CHOFU – Stainless Pipe for Chofu

Made of high grade stainless steel. At least 8 feet of pipe is necessary to produce the optimum air-draw through the stove for a fast, efficient heating rate. A shorter length will produce a slower heating time. Using more than 8 feet of pipe produces a hotter fire but will reduce fuel efficiency because more of the flame is drawn up into the chimney. Remedy this by installing a stove damper.

Manufacturer recommends that users in high fire danger areas install the Stainless Cap. Using the cap requires the brace kit and five sections of pipe for proper draft. In low fire danger areas the cap and brace kit are not needed, and only four sections of pipe are required for proper draft.

Sheet metal screws and a cobalt drill bit are provided with the Chofu Wood-fired Heater for fastening stove pipe connections.

2 Foot section of 4″ stainless steel pipe.

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Weight 16 lbs


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