Portable 12V DC Freedom Fan – Model 124C


Adjustable base or wall mounted fan.



Portable 12V DC Freedom Fan – Model 124C

Manufactured in the USA by the Amish Folks of Arthur, Illinois

Built to the demanding standards of the Amish community, this rugged, plastic housed, fan with its 12″ blade is quiet, powerful, and efficient. With two speeds, it draws as little as 1 amps at 12v on low and as much as 3 amps on high. We estimate 500 cfm on low and as much as 1500 cfm on high.

It has an adjustable tilting base that can also be wall mounted. Our version ships with a 6′ cord that has battery clips. We would recommend removing these clips and hard-wiring to your 12v system with a fuse in the (+) leg. Our DC Plug and DC Outlet would allow you to plug it in conveniently and safely around your home.

One Year Warranty

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Weight 20 lbs


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